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4 EID Seviyan/ Vermicelli Recipes | Classic Desserts | Eid Special

Let’s make easy, Delicious 4 Recipes Classic Desserts on Eid. Most Wanted Recipes on Eid Ul Fitr. 4 verities of Seviyan/vermicelli
Zarda Seviyan or Meethi Seviyan, Sheer Khurram, Custard Seviyan, Boil Seviyan with Milk. You must try it all recipes. Hopefully you will enjoy & love it.

1-Seviyan ka zarda / Meethi Seviyan
?1 cup colorful or rainbow seviyan/vermicelli
? 1 tbsp ghee
? 2 green cardamoms
?1/3 cup sugar or to taste
?1&1/2 cup water
For garnishing
-Almond with sugar grinned.
Heat medium to low
2- Sheer Khurma /Vermicelli
?1 & 1/2 cup Seviyan/vermicelli
?2 tbsp ghee
?2 green cardamoms
?almonds to taste
?pistachio to taste
?1 cups milk
?1 cup evaporated milk
?1/3 cup sugar or to taste
Heat medium to low
3- Boil SeviyanVermicelli
?1 cup Roasted Seviyan/vermicelli
?water as need
? cook until sevian/vermicelli become tender
?ghee as needed
?sugar to taste
?hot fresh milk as needed
?dry fruits to taste
4- Custard Seviyan/vermicelli
?1/3 cup rainbow or colorful Seviyan/ vermicelli (boil)
?3 cups fresh milk
?2 tbsp custard vanilla flavor
?1/3 cup sugar to taste
?dry fruits (optional)
Cook medium to low heat
-A Method is very important shown in video

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