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How To Make The Best Casserole Stew

Casseroles are easy to mess up without even realising it. In this recipe get the tips you need to perfect it every time to create the perfect texture, sauce and amazing flavour. This casserole recipe is easy, relatively cheap and fun to make. It’s also a fantastic comforting and warming dish that can be eaten all year round. Personally, I never used to like casseroles as a kid until I started cooking professionally and experimenting with different techniques and flavours. You won’t be disappointed with this casserole recipe.

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Serves – 4-6 People

Ingredients –

2 Tbsp (40ml) – Olive Oil
1.4kg (3lbs) – Beef Bolar Roast, Large Diced
70g (2.4oz) – Plain (All Purpose) Flour
3 – Brown (Yellow) Onions, Quartered, Roots Intact
3 – Carrots, Washed & Thickly Sliced
3 – Celery Ribs, Washed & Thickly Sliced
6 – Garlic Cloves, Crushed
5g (0.3oz) – Thyme
1 Cup (250ml) – Red Wine or Beef Stock (See Note Below)
2 1/2 Tbsp (35g) – Concentrated Tomato Paste
2 1/2 Tbsp (50ml) – Balsamic Vinegar
1 Litre (4 Cups) – Beef Stock (See Note Below)
3 – Dried Bay Leaves (Optional)
Seasoning To Taste

Recipe Notes –

Like all my recipes, if any contain alcohol there are always substitutes. For this recipe, the red wine can be substituted with beef stock. There is beef stock already in this recipe but don’t use less due to the fact that it’s being swapped, the initial addition is to deglaze the pan and create a base foundation.

Homemade Beef Stock –

Serving Suggestions –

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