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Vanilla Cappuccino Recipe | How To Make Dalgona Coffee | Coffee Recipe By Tarika Singh

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Learn how to make Vanilla Cappuccino with our Chef Tarika Singh.
Hand beaten coffee, also known as soft coffee, Vanilla cappuccino, whipped coffee, and maybe more names is an instant coffee you can make at the comfort of your home.

Quick And Easy Cappuccino Recipe is a method of preparing creamy and foamy coffee. It is a very simple method of making cappuccino-style coffee at home and requires no special machines and coffee mixes. It involves incorporating air into coffee, Hot Water, Vanilla essence, and sugar till thick and frothy, by beating the mix with a spoon.
This method of beating the coffee mix is what gives the coffee the name Beaten Coffee. In addition to milk, this coffee mix dissolves and the air is released creating a delicious froth on top of the coffee.

Vanilla Cappuccino Ingredients –
3 Tbsp Instant Coffee
3 Tbsp White Sugar
3 Tbsp Hot Water
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
1/2 Ltr Buffalo Milk
Coffee Powder

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Host: Tarika Singh
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